Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 05

Adventure Summary
453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Erastus 26th
The party had just left Dragondale when an explosion is heard. The group decides to come back in investigate what just happened.
In the town, the adventurers witness that the town is under attack by Allied Goblin’s Forces and decide to strike back. They attack 2 goblins and 2 worgs that were scavenging a caravan. After dispatching them easily, the group is surprised by the explosion of a cart to the north surrounded by 4 goblins and 2 bugbears. Soren is the first to enter the fight and bravely contains the bugbears at a dire cost. The rest of the party then comes to the monk elf’s side and the goblins are killed.
A young man comes running from the cathedral and he is followed by 4 other goblins and a bogbear. Soren, quick on his feet, runs to the bugbear but his earlier fights had taken the best of him and the wild elf is critically injured and left bleeding on the stair of the cathedral. Trying to save the citizen and his new friend, Erevan unleashes a powerful force spell in the midst of goblin shattering them except for a fleeing bugbear. Baelg launches a trowing hammer in the back of the runner giving John enough time to reach him and at last administers the killing blow.
The young man introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove, a noble of Silvershir traveling through Dragondale and thank John profusely for his actions almost disregarding the rest of the group. Jarl Wilheim and Cliath arrive and ask the party to stay in town until things settle down and they continue their route to assist other citizens.
A young foreigner women, Ameiko Kaijitsu, comes to the party and thanks them for their deeds, explaining that she is the Dragon’s Nest owner and that they are welcome to stay at her inn free of charge for a week.
The party goes to the Dragon’s Nest and are welcomed as heroes. They participate in a feast in their honor. During the night, a older foreigner comes to the inn and has a fight with Ameiko then storms off. John comes to Ameiko ‘s side and asks what that was all about. Ameiko explains that the older man was her father and that he wanted her to flee Dragondale as the city isn’t safe anymore but she refused for a second time as her father came a few weeks ago asking the same thing. The party goes to sleep.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Erastus 27th
The group awakes after their night of party and has breakfast with Aldern who invites them to a boar hunt to which the party agrees. Before their depart, the adventurers go to the town hall and ask the Jarl what he have them do. The Jarl asks them to stay in town, that he will send scouts to learn of the goblins actions and ask for them when he will known more.
to be continued…

Party Members
Baelg the mountain dwarf battle master fighter
Barakas the tiefling tome pact warlock
Erevan the Magnificient_ the wood elf valor bard
John the half-orc champion fighter
Soren the wood elf shadow monk



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