Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 10

Adventure Summary

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Lamashtan 6th
The party is now unemployed after reporting what they learned in Acerack’s tomb to the jarl. They learned that Sinister visited the tomb and stole Acerack’s arcane focus adding it to Father Ezekiel’s corpse as focuses for a mysterious ritual. The jarl asks them to stay put as he is going to gather more information about the black knight.

The group looks for rumors and things to do and learns that people have been disappearing in the small village of Lhant, a day south of Dragondale. Barakas gives Shayliss enough funds to start her business, Roots&Leaves of Dragondale a small herbalist shop and the group undertake their journey south.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Lamashtan 7th
Arrived in Lhant, the party finds the townsfolk unhelpful but finally tracks down a lumber mill worker named Pwet who explains that he heard strange singing coming from a cave near the river outside of town and the group decides to investigate.

Arrived at the scene the group enters the cave and fight some mist mephits and harpies. The harpies queen, Lamiri, stops the fighting and tells the adventurers that she and her daughters are not responsible for the disappearances. The culprit is a Mind Flayer named Xeral’kut that lives in another cave and she is willing to lead them there if they agree to stop killing her daughters to which the party agrees.


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