Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 11

Adventure Summary

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Lamashtan 7th
The group enters the Mind Flayer’s lair and soon encounters small deep gnomes fleeing as they notice them. Soren quickly dispatches one of the gnome and the adventurers decide to explore the other side of the complex. They discover that the caves are in reality an abandoned underground temple to Hextor the god of war and tyranny. They uncover many forgotten treasures and fights other svirfneblins (deep gnomes) and an ogre before meeting 2 duergar with whom they try to parley. Baelg strikes a deal with the dark dwarves to kill a renegade drow name Vareshti on their behalf in exchange for safe passage to Xeral’kut.

The party explores more of the south-east wing of the temple and comes to encounter a abominable creature made of gooey stuff with multiple mouths and eyes. The creature’s scream is debilitating but Soren uses his shadow art to silence the fighting ground. Just after the creature’s fall 2 drows start firing bolts on the party’s back line but Soren is able to kill one of the assailant quickly.The last drow knows that the odds are against him, he tries to convince the party to help him slay the Mind Flayer and the group decides to accept his help. The adventurers circle back to the entrance to go in the west wing of the temple where the prisoners are kept and must face a group of 3 gnoll guards.

The party is weary and they decide to attack Xeral’kut directly. Reaching his laboratory, the group attack the Mind Flayer and his two assistants, Gorum and Bafurd the duergars. The fight is hard, Gorum is slain by Baelg but Xeral’kut unleashes a powerful mind blast that stuns everyone except Barakas. Bafurd cowardly turns invisible and flee while the tiefling tries desperately to keep the abomination from killing his friends casting one spell after another. Ultimately, Xeral’kut makes his way to Baelg and devours his brain, instantly killing the dwarf. Soren and John shake off the effect of the mind blast and John charges the Illithid killing him in two final blows.

The group takes a break to regain their composure and face the fact that their dwarven friend his no more. Barakas completes a ritual to summon his devil patron and asks him in a blind rage to take Xeral’kut’s soul to Hell and torture him. Alistair, Barakas’ patron, doesn’t care for the Mind Flayer but is ready to make a deal for Baelg’s soul. Barakas accepts and in exchange for Baelg and Xeral’kut souls he receives what is known as ‘’the power of the King’‘, a power that he still doesn’t fully comprehend.

The group frees the captives and travels back to Dragondale to rest for 4 weeks.


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