Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 14

Adventure Summary

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Neth 12th
The adventurers are still exploring the ruins of the Temple of Slaughter. They come across a room containing many forms and papers telling the story of the temple. The old occupants used the temple as a prison for a powerful being and every level of the catacomb has a strong demon bounded to it who fuel the prison on the last level.

The group stumbles on the path of a Roper that almost eats Dwern and John alive before being dealt with. They continue their investigation and Soren clumsily get entangled in a trap that alarms 2 nearby Ettins and an Orc shaman. One of the Ettin is able to best John in combat and the group suffers a lot of damage before they’re able to defeat the two giants. The shaman takes his chance and flees the scene before the combat ends and the party decides to take what they found and return to Bolstar.

The group deposits their loot in the care of Balof the gnome in charge of the local pawnshop and rest at the inn.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Neth 13th
The party awakes at dawn and replenished from their rest they undertake to enter the Temple for a second time. On their way to where they left of their exploration, they meet two Ogres with whom they barter for passage. John gives them food, Barakas buys their cooperation with platinum pieces and they resume their search of the catacombs.

The adventurers come upon an unexplored chamber and are ambushed by two Grells that give them a hard time and severely wound Soren with their paralyzing grasp before going down.
To continue….


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