Requiem of Souls: Rise of Sins - Episode 4: The Night Cannibals

Content Not Found: william_, Content Not Found: morthyss_, Content Not Found: william_, Content Not Found: edbald_ and Content Not Found: darian_ journey to Poleran to investigate a serie of gruesome murders while Content Not Found: swift_ stays in Greenhill to take care of personal business. The group arrives at sunset in the thorp and they ear a cry for help. They rush to the dying peasant just in time to see an horrible creature with grey skin, white fur and small horns on its forehead slay him. The adventurers don’t hesitate for a moment and start fighting the creature. Content Not Found: darian successfully scares the thing and they must chase it to a well were it falls unconscious with only Content Not Found: william there to prevent it from falling in the water. Content Not Found: edbald comes as quickly as his small legs can and helps the burglar pull up the creature.

At that moment, a dwarf comes to greet them. He is Content Not Found: dug-tesik_ and he gives them the Content Not Found: rope-of-everlasting-bonds_ to capture the creature who’s injuries start to heal quickly. Content Not Found: dug-tesik informs them that his house is near and that they could spend the night there and deal with the monster, that is recognized as a Content Not Found: wendigo by Darian, in the morning.

In the morning, the Content Not Found: wendigo_ changed back into a human and the group starts to interrogate him. It is reveled that last night was his first transformation and there’s other like him. Content Not Found: darian_ comes to the conclusion that they need a Silver weapon to deal with those monsters and Content Not Found: dug-tesik_ tells them that Content Not Found: serryne_, one of the village inhabitant, is rumored to have such a weapon. The group leaves Content Not Found: morthyss and Content Not Found: dug-tesik with the beast and go to find Content Not Found: serryne.

Arrived at Content Not Found: serryne_ house, the group meets her daughter who’s not willing to let them enter without her mother there. Content Not Found: william_ sneakily enters the house and start searching the bedroom for the weapon. He finds a pouch of silver, a small statue and some documents that he puts in his pockets but he must hide under the bed as Content Not Found: serryne enters the room. She soon exits the house to greet the adventurers. They explain to her the situation and she agrees to come with them to see for herself.

Back at Content Not Found: dug-tesik_ house, Content Not Found: william_ had the time to reconvene with the party, the peasant transforms into a Content Not Found: wendigo_ as soon as Content Not Found: morthyss_ slaps him in the face with his tail, proving to the half-elf that the threat is real. The group ears a scaring howl and a Content Not Found: wendigo_ erupts in the room by breaking the window. A fight starts and another Content Not Found: wendigo_ breaks a wall and start attacking Content Not Found: morthyss while one enters by the open door. The beasts are formidable foes as their injuries start to heal almost immediately and Content Not Found: vartemoff-the-landless-knight implores Content Not Found: serryne to give him the weapon which she does. With the Content Not Found: silver-dagger, the tides are turned and the group soon deals with their foes leaving only the tied one alive for further interrogation.
To be Continued…

Requiem of Souls: Rise of Sins - Episode 3: The Bandit's Tower

The 6 heroes take a rest after their fight and Darian uses is medical knowledge to assist the wounded aided by Edbald balms. After that break, they resume their travel and at sunset they are able to see the plains and the tower in the distance. They decide to make camp and reach the tower at the end of the following day.

Arrived at the tower, the group approaches their target in the cover of a thin tree line. They can see that the structure is heavily guarded and set an ambush but unfortunately luck isn’t on their side and their presence is reveled. A confrontation ensues and the bandits put-up a good fight and outnumber the party. Vartemoff tries to close the door to the tower to avoid more thugs purring out but in an instant the door is blown away with terrible force and an Ogre, 9 feet tall, erupts and attacks the knight. Everything falls to chaos, Vartemoff is hardly holding the Ogre, Swift faces two criminals, Edbald has a hard time closing-in on his comrades, Darian tries to shake the enemy’s forces by Dragon shouting at them and Morthyss is trying to deal with the archers. In a matter of seconds the table is turned, the party takes the advantage with foes falling one y one and soon the only remaining are the Ogre and an archer. At that point, the Ogre is already heavily wounded and Morthyss launches a crippling arrow that strikes through and handicaps seriously the hulking man. Vartemoff uses that chance and slices the giant’s throat, silencing him for ever and Morthyss send a last arrow flying at the remaining archer that falls lifeless to the ground.


The group settles down in the tower for the night. They gather the stash of silver pieces amassed by the bandits and find 6 horses. The following day, they return to Greenhill and arrive at dusk thanks to the rapid travel speed of the horses. They regroup at the Wyvern Tavern where they eat, drink and sleep. It isn’t unnoticed to them that the town’s villagers are spreading rumors about their heroic deads some saying that they slew a Dragon and others affirming that they raided the countryside farms.

After selling a horse and buying some supplies for the road, the adventurers ask around for other rumors or missions. They learn that a terrible fate has fallen on the poor village of Poleran to the east. There, the lovers who have been unfaithful are found died in their house and the attacker isn’t known. The heroes also ear from Atmos a legend about is great-great-grandfather who would have buried the Cross of Vallgard, a powerful magical amulet, in the Winterfall Pikes. They decide to travel to Poleran first to investigate the murders and make route to the small village.
To be continued…

Requiem of Souls: Rise of Sins - Episode 2: Return to Greenhill and in route to the Bandit's Stronghold

The adventurers wake-up in the desolate bandit’s camp they attacked the day before. During the night, Swift found a journal in the leader’s quarters that hinted that the bandit’s stronghold was only two-days north of Greenhill. Edbald is seriously strained and his night of rest didn’t help at all. The five decide to take the horses and the caravan to journey back to town. Edbald embarks on the caravan and try to find sleep.

Arrived to town, the men bring his goods back to Atmos and he rewards them with their promise silvers. In response to the news that the stronghold of the thugs was near town he informed the adventurers that an ex-associate of the bandits was staying in town at the Wyvern Tavern. He also recommends that the party returns the caravan to Content Not Found: thalos-1 who welcomes them rudely. He is still please by the return of is properties did and he give a horse to the group to thank them.

On their way back to the inn, they make the acquaintance of William Hawklight the ex-bandit. He tells them that he came to town to gather a party to raid the bandit’s stronghold and get his revenge on his last employer. They decide to join him and go sell the horse they got from Content Not Found: thalos-1 before settling for the night in the Wyvern Tavern.

At dawn, they commence their journey in the hills. In the mid-afternoon they are clumsily ambushed by Wildlings. They take care easily of the threat but Morthyss id wounded by the blade of one of the attacker. After disbanding the enemy forces, the six heroes are attacked by the Wildling’s leader, a fierce Minotaur. At first, the bull-headed beast is overwhelmed by the group but he flies into a frenzy and almost cut Vartemoff in half with his oversized axe. Seeing his companion being stroke down, Edbald swings desperately his warhammer with his last remaining strength and crushes the monster’s skull.

The fight is over, but without being a total victory: Vartemoff is on the brink of unconsciousness, Morthyss’s leg is bleeding. For both of them the pain’s overwhelming and the journey to the bandit’s is just halfway done. With two wounded comrades and a dozen bandits to meddle with, what will the adventurers do?
To be continued…

Requiem of Souls: Rise of Sins - Episode 1: Bar fight and Bandits

The adventurers all come for their own reason to the small town of Greenhill.
Morthyss the Saurian meets his old friend Vartemoff in the Wyvern Tavern where they make the acquaintance of the colorful Edbald. At their surprise, two hooded travelers come into the quiet tavern and sit at a table in the back. All the casual patrons look the strangers with suspicious eyes, but they soon resume their activities.

A group of five drunken thugs insults Morthyss in a xenophobic manner and the Saurian declines the confrontation and decides to quit the tavern. Vartemoff tries to parley with the intoxicated men but they are beyond reason and decide to attack him. Without thinking twice, Edbald throws his chair at a thug knocking him out instantly. One of the hooded figure, Darian, rises and emits a shout resembling one of a mighty Dragon and two of the attackers withdraw in terror. The second stranger, Swift, charges the chief and with an agility rare for someone of his stature knocks him out with two punches. The last remaining one is paralyze in terror and can’t do anything when the blade of Vartemoff, who had regain is posture, slice is last breath.

The five outsiders decide to sit together and enjoy a peaceful drink but a man in the corner signals them to come sit with him. He reveals himself as Content Not Found: atmos, the general shop keeper. He asks them to play some cards with him and tells them that a caravan that contained some of his merchandises was attacked then stolen by bandits. After seeing that the five where capable men in a fight, he asks them to retrieve the goods in exchange of 20 Silver pieces each. The group agrees and decides to depart the following day at sunrise.

The morning after, the outsiders make haste to find the bandit’s trail and soon find it about a day outside of town. Without waiting, they assault the camp and retrieve the caravan, stolen goods and some horses.
*To be continued


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