Requiem of Souls: Rise of Sins - Episode 1: Bar fight and Bandits

The adventurers all come for their own reason to the small town of Greenhill.
Morthyss the Saurian meets his old friend Vartemoff in the Wyvern Tavern where they make the acquaintance of the colorful Edbald. At their surprise, two hooded travelers come into the quiet tavern and sit at a table in the back. All the casual patrons look the strangers with suspicious eyes, but they soon resume their activities.

A group of five drunken thugs insults Morthyss in a xenophobic manner and the Saurian declines the confrontation and decides to quit the tavern. Vartemoff tries to parley with the intoxicated men but they are beyond reason and decide to attack him. Without thinking twice, Edbald throws his chair at a thug knocking him out instantly. One of the hooded figure, Darian, rises and emits a shout resembling one of a mighty Dragon and two of the attackers withdraw in terror. The second stranger, Swift, charges the chief and with an agility rare for someone of his stature knocks him out with two punches. The last remaining one is paralyze in terror and can’t do anything when the blade of Vartemoff, who had regain is posture, slice is last breath.

The five outsiders decide to sit together and enjoy a peaceful drink but a man in the corner signals them to come sit with him. He reveals himself as Content Not Found: atmos, the general shop keeper. He asks them to play some cards with him and tells them that a caravan that contained some of his merchandises was attacked then stolen by bandits. After seeing that the five where capable men in a fight, he asks them to retrieve the goods in exchange of 20 Silver pieces each. The group agrees and decides to depart the following day at sunrise.

The morning after, the outsiders make haste to find the bandit’s trail and soon find it about a day outside of town. Without waiting, they assault the camp and retrieve the caravan, stolen goods and some horses.
*To be continued


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