This the record of every information regarding Halgard’s locations learned on your journey:

Town of nobles and merchants, their goods are sold in the market place. Most of the manufactured goods sold in Halgard are made in Beconhill.
There is rumors of a secret society controlling almost every aspect of the city: from politics to commerce and even warfare. The town also house the Hells, a fortress used as a prison where criminals from everywhere within Halgard are sent to purge their sentence.

Biggest town of the realm, Dragondale is a woodcutter settlement that grew considerably by taking in refugees after Eroem ’s fall. Because of its position at the heart of the realm, Dragondale is the unofficial capital of Halgard and most citizens are more loyal to the Jarl of Dragondale then to the Empire ’s Marshal himself.

Home of the Empire’s Army, Frostmoor is the front of the war against the Frost Giants and is often under siege. The town is under the tutelage of the Empire’s Marshal and the strictest interpretation of the law is observed with common curfews and a high military presence.

City that was once the capital of Halgard but fell at the end of the Sin War when the forces of the Dark Ones destroyed the Veil of Magic and the city with it. Today, a powerful independent military force still battle orcs and other creatures in the ruin of the city and it seems like there is no end to the number of monstrosities that crawls out of its underground.

The underground fortress of Ironreach is the seat of power of the dwarves in Halgard. The best smiths of Halgard come from the dwarf capitol and are highly regarded by their peers. There is rumors of a closed mine that would lead to an underground maze of caverns and tunnels full of forgotten riches.

The city was once a verdant realm with many farms and forests but after the Sin War a mysterious pyramid appeared in the south and transformed the region in a desolated desert. The city lunches many explorations in the desert and caravans come back loaded with exotic luxuries and weird items. Recently a blue dragon and its followers, an insectoid race known as thri-kreens, took the high pyramid as their own and are killing everyone trying to uncover its secrets.

The city of elves and the eastern boundary of Halgard. Despite its northern position, the region surrounding the city is a humid tropical forest and many indigenous tribes of savage peoples inhabit the deep jungle. One of these tribe is the yuan-ti, civilization of serpent-like humanoids that make living sacrifices to forgotten gods and furiously protect their massive ziggurats rumored to be full of gold and precious stones.

The town of boats is the crossroad of every river travels in the realm. Most of its inhabitants are fishermen or part of a boat’s crew and a lot of travelers come to the town to continue their journey by river.
Lately, a strange plague called the Black Terror has been tormenting the city. People fall ill and quickly die with their body covered by festering pustules and black rashes. The most terrifying effect of the plague is that if not burned the corpses rise again the night after the death and start feasting on the living.


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