This the record of every information regarding Halgard’s religions learned on your journey:


Cuthbert (LN)Cuthbert.jpg
Divine of vengeance and zeal
Domain: Knowledge Symbol: Circle at the center of a starburst

Fharlanghn (NG) Fharlanghn.jpeg
Divine of horizons and travel
Domain: Knowledge, Trickery Symbol: Circle crossed by a curved horizon line

Heironeous (LG)Heironeous.jpg
Divine of chivalry and valor
Domain: War Symbol: Lightning bolt

Kord (CG)Kord.jpg
Divine of athletics and sport
Domain: Tempest, War Symbol: Four spears and four maces radiating out from a central point

Olidammara (CN)Olidammara.jpeg
Divine of revelry
Domain: Trickery Symbol: Laughing mask

Pelor (NG)Pelor.jpeg
Divine of the sun and healing
Domain: Life, Light Symbol: Sun


Erythnul (CE)Erythnul.jpg
Dark one of envy and slaughter
Domain: War Symbol: Blood drop

Hextor (LE)Hextor.jpeg
Dark one of war and discord
Domain: War Symbol: Six arrows facing downward in a fan

Vecna (NE)Vecna.jpg
Dark one of evil secrets
Domain: Knowledge Symbol: Hand with eye in the palm


Bahamut (LG)Bahamut.jpg
Patron of dragons and good
Domain: Life, War Symbol: Dragon’s head in profile

Corellon Larethian (CG)Corellon.jpg
Patron of elves and art
Domain: Light Symbol: Quarter moon or starburst

Garl Glittergold (LG) Garl.jpg
Patron of gnomes and trickery
Domain: Trickery Symbol: Gold nugget

Gruumsh (CE)Gruumsh.jpg
Patron of orcs and storms
Domain: Tempest, War Symbol: Unblinking eye

Lolth (CE)Lolth.jpg
Patron of drows and spiders
Domain: Trickery Symbol: Spider

Moradin (LG)Moradin.jpg
Patron of dwarves and creation
Domain: Knowledge Symbol: Hammer and anvil

Tiamat (LE)Tiamat.jpg
Patron of dragons and evil
Domain: Trickery Symbol: Dragon head with five claw marks

Yondalla (LG)Yondalla.jpg
Patronof halflings and fertility
Domain: Life Symbol: Shield


Boccob (N)Boccob.jpg
Inevitable Magic
Domain:: Knowledge Symbol: Eye within a pentagram

Ehlonna (N)Ehlonna.jpg
Inevitable Life
Domain: Life Symbol: Unicorn horn

Nerull (N)Nerull.jpg
Inevitable Death
Domain: Death Symbol: Skull with either a sickle or a scythe

Obad-Hai (N)Obad-Hai.jpg
Inevitable Nature
Domain: Nature Symbol: Oak leaf and acorn


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