Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 06

Adventure Summary
453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Erastus 27th
Most of the party meet Aldern to go on a boar hunt while Soren stays in town to pickpocket and visit. The hunt goes well, John is able to kill a boar and Aldern misses the following one. Humiliated after his failure, Foxglove asks the party to return to town.

Arriving in town, Barakas is asked by a beautiful Shayliss Vinder, the general shopkeeper, to take care of a lone goblin that had taken refuge in her father’s shop basement. Barakas goes with the maiden but is no foul and recognize Shayliss’ story as a ruse to get him alone. Arrived in the shop, Barakas reveals that he know what’s going on and the young girl timidly start undressing him. At that moment, Shayliss’ father enters the shop and i angered by what he founds. Barakas and the shopkeeper have an altercation and the tiefling convinces Shayliss to come with him what shes does.

The group meet up at the Dragon’s Nest and have a drink when a crying woman carrying a young child enters. She explains that her husband thinks goblins are hidden under their house and he went take care of them by himself. The group runs to the house and enters it. Inside, they find a hole in the wood floor under a wardrobe and hear two goblins talking. The adventurers lie an ambush to the goblins and the fight is quickly done. They found the corpse of the woman’s husband and Barakas tells the other that he suspects that other goblins are hidden in Vinder ’s shop basement. The group goes to Vinder ’s and knocks at the door. The enraged shopkeeper answers, Johnand Soren quickly grapple him letting Baelg and Barakas free to investigate the basement. Unfortunately, the warlock and dwarf find nothing and have just made a mess. The party flee the scene with Vinder cursing them as they go.

Coming back in the Dragon’ Nest, the party tells Ameiko that the husband is dead and she let them know that Cliath was looking for them earlier and that he is waiting for them at the town hall. The group meet Cliath who tells them that Father Zantus has requested them for a particular reason. At the cathedral, Father Zantus explains to the adventurers that he found one of the graveyard’s crypt, the one belonging to the late high-priest Father Ezekiel Tobyn, has been ransacked and that he believe that goblins are to blame. Zantus shows the crypt to the group who enters it. In the crypt, zombies attack the party and the fight is difficult with the critters rising again until their head is destroyed. John had examine the open sarcophagus and found that Ezekiel ‘s set of remains had been stolen. They report to Father Zantus who explains that Ezekiel died 5 years ago with his daughter Nualia in the latest goblins attack and that he doesn’t know who could have left the zombies and stolen the remains. He promises to ask the gods for advice and let Cliath know.

The group decides to return to the inn and go to a merited sleep.

Party Members
Baelg the mountain dwarf battle master fighter
Barakas the tiefling tome pact warlock
John the half-orc champion fighter
Soren the wood elf shadow monk


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