Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 07

Adventure Summary

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Erastus 28th
The party is eating breakfast at the Dragon’s Nest inn when Ameiko brings them a package she received for them. Baelg unfolds the package and reveals that it contains a dagger with the word ’’Talisfer’’ carved into it in elven. Soren explains to the group that the dagger came from Talisfer, a rude and strange mage living by himself in the ruins of the Old Lighthouse, and it means he wants an audience with them.

The group goes to the Old Lighthouse and meets the mage who asks them to retrieve a lost grimoire that used to be his late friend’s spellbook. Talisfer gives the adventurers a crude map that lead to an abandoned watermill a day from Dragondale and promise recompense of a 100 gold coins per returning party member.

The group travels east of Dragondale and camps for the night. During Erevan’s guard duty he is surprised by a rampaging Displacer Beast which awakens the rest of the party. The party successfully defeat the beast and resumes its rest.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Erastus 29th
The following day, the adventurers arrive in sight of the watermill and can see that it is guarded by two thugs. Soren tries to sneak to reach the guards but he is spotted and discusses with one of them but the conversation turns sour and Soren attacks. Two orcs and a Dire Wolf join the fray but ultimately the group prevails.

While the rest of the party loots the corpses of the mercenaries, Soren and Barakas investigate the watermill and the tiefling finds the grimoire and opens it. A ghostly figure, that could only be a Wraith, is summoned by the book and attacks Barakas stealing a part of his soul. Soren is able to drag the warlock outside the mill and Erevan near to access the situation. Barakas goes around the building casting havoc on the undead but his spells seem to be only mildly effective and the Wraith attacks him another time leaving him unconscious.
Baelg shots an inflamed crossbow bolt and Soren throws a torch on the structure to set it aflame. Erevan his able to use his elvish magic to heal Barakas when mill’s roof gives in and crumbles on the Wraith. The spectral form panics as the fire and sunlight burn its essence and returns to the grimoire. The adventurers take a rest and start their journey back to Dragondale.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Erastus 30th
Arrived at Thalisfer’s tower, they ask the mage what he wants to do with the book and the high-elf tells them that one of his friend is imprisoned in it. The adventurers give him the grimoire and he brakes the enchantment before throwing the book in the fireplace to be destroyed.


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