Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 12

Adventure Summary

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Lamashtan 7th to Neth 8th
The party takes time to settle in their quiet lives in Dragondale and mourns the death of their dwarven friend. Barakas goes to Thalisfer to identify the magic items they discovered and the mage reveals that the group found a Dwarven Cloak of Protection claimed by John, some Elven Boots of Striding and Jumping that the tiefling keeps to himself, an old Dragondale Magic Shield that no one in the party wants to use and a Ring of Warmth forged on the plane of fire that Soren adorns. Thalisfer ask the party to undertake a task for him at a later date in return for his service and the warlock accepts.

Barakas spends time with Shayliss successfully running the Roots&Leaves of Dragondale and she tell him that she’s with child.

Soren gathers some urchins and other cut-purse and found a secret thief guild.

John unsuccessfully tries to find a buyer for the party’s magical shield and end-up taking some mercenary jobs to take his mind off the lost of yet another one of his comrade.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Neth 9th
The party makes the acquaintance of Dwern a hill dwarf cleric of Pelor that came to town to work at the temple. He heard that the party was trying to sell a magical shield and pledges his services to the group in exchange for the rare relic to which the group agrees.

The party and their new member are summoned by Thalisfer who explains to them that he wants them to travel south to the town of Dalir to recover a set of magical gauntlets that one of his old apprentice has secured for him. The group depart on their journey and reach Lhant uneventfully.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Neth 10th
The group makes his way midpoint between Lhant and Bolstar and decides to make camp for the night but is alarmed by the presence of a campfire nearby. They go investigate and witness what seems to be a group of bandits with prisoners. The adventurers attack the camp, the bandits are quickly dealt with even if their leader appears to be a veteran warrior and finally only one of them his kept for questioning. The bandits reveals that they are of the White Claws Gang and that they took prisoners in their latest attack on a caravan. John decides that they heard enough and kills the lad before looting the corpses. The party finds that the leader owned a magical scimitar that they store for future identification. They free the prisoners and make camp for the night.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Neth 11th
The party continues its travel and arrive in Bolstar where it part way with the freed prisoners. The group decides to rent rooms at the inn even if the village seems to be a nest of criminals but John elects to camp outside of town.



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