Requiem of Souls: Awakening | Episode 13

Adventure Summary

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Neth 11th
During the night the Bolstar is attacked by orcs and monstrous dogs. The adventurers dispatch them and are given direction to the village’s elder that could shed light on the reasons behind the attack. The village’s elder explains that the attack originated from an abandoned temple of Erythnuul half-a-day north that was sealed years ago. The temple was full of monstrous creatures that were too powerful to be scourged so the temple was ultimately sealed with magic. It seams that the temple has been reopened and the elder asks the adventurers to investigate.

453rd year of the Age of Darkness, Neth 12th
The group arrives at the temple at noon and enters it. They must face two Hook Horrors that they dispatch not without trouble as the monstrosities hit really hard.

The party elects to take a break but is attacked by 2 Zombies and a Shadow Demon wandering from the lower level. The party prevails but the Shadow Demon has the ability to disappear in darkness and is able to flee before being slain.

Dwern undertakes to search the first floor of the temple before taking a break and the party opens a the door to a room to be confronted by three hungry Ghasts. The fight proves to be difficult with the undeads paralyzing touch ability that unfortunately renders the cleric of Pelor defenseless but they are finally destroyed. Barakas searches what seams to be a bedroom and finds a Potion of Frost Giants Strength and some coins in a chest between the two beds. The adventurers barricade themselves in the room and take a break to heal their wounds and replenish their powers.



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